Homeopath - Elena Filippovitch

Homeopathy for the whole family

Elena Filippovitch is practicing homeopathy since 1999, after she graduated from the Homeopathic College of Canada and was awarded a diploma of Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine and science.

Elena has also a Medical Degree from Russian prestigious Omsk Medical University and 14 years experience as a medical doctor in a hospital of internal diseases.

With total more then 30 years of work in a medical field her main focus now is general homeopathic family practice, nutritional healing and weight loss programs.

Her specialization included treatment of many health problems both acute (colds and flu, acute ear infections, conjunctivitis, rhinosinusytis, bronchitis and etc.) and chronic (upper respiratory tract diseases, allergic conditions, gastro-intestinal diseases, female health problems (PMS, dysmenorrhoea, pathological menopause, recurrent urogenital tract infections) and children’s health problems from frequent colds to behavioural pathology, such as AHDD.

In her practice E.F. pay a lot of attention to patient's proper nutrition, supplementation and weight management.

She is a registered member of the Homeopathic Medical Council of Canada.