November 19, 2011

When my son was just 3-years old, he constantly had eye infections. I eventually grew tired of giving him antibiotic drops which didn’t seem to help. I finally decided to try something else; homeopathic treatment. That’s how I met Elena Filippovitch 6 years ago and started believing in Homeopathic Medicine. Since then, Elena has become our family homeopath. But not only does she help us with our health problems but does a great job of preventing them. Her professionalism, ability to always be there, and passion to help others makes Elena not only a fantastic Homeopath but a great person as well. My family and I are happy to have such a nice homeopath!
Mila Voron

I've known Elena Filippovitch personally for almost 20 years, and I've been her patient for more than 12 years. She is a professional, caring and empathetic practitioner, who is genuinely concerned about the well-being of her patients.
Elena Filippovitch helped me battle my severe ragweed allergy, as well as digestive issues. Thanks to her ongoing care, my immune system had significantly improved and I no longer suffer from allergies and constipation. She introduced me to the Blood Type Diet, and now UI know to avoid the harmful types of foods and to consume the right products for my body. I take my kids to Elena Filippovitch on a regular basis not only to treat various ailments, but also to receive valuable advice.
Please, do yourself a favour - don't stuff your body full of pills and medications! Visit Elena Filippovitch to see how far modern science has advanced, and how much you can help yourself via homeopathy.
Lana Barkan TV Host, Producer and Writer

Dear Lena,
Your latest help made me to write you a thank you letter for all the years you helped us!
It has been 9 years ago when I reached out to you for help. I felt hopeless because my 9 - months old baby girl had an ear infection, a bad cough, did not have appetite and was constipated. Inside I was torn apart because she was getting worse and I had a third type of antibiotic to be given to her since previous two did not work. When I first talked to you, you were asking so many different question and I couldn't understand "what does it have to do with ear infection and cough?". You selected a perfect remedy combination and it was very easy to give the homeopathic remedy to a small child. After 2 days, our happy baby was "back": she was eating, playing and her cough significantly reduced. After 3 more days, I went to a family doctor and she said: "The third antibiotic finally worked, the ears are clear!".
After that experience, I was convinced that there is no better way, but to use homeopathic remedy. You were able to help my family in any case anyone could possibly imaging: high fever, cough, ear infection, stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, bladder infection, panic attacks, anxiety, tiredness, blood loss and bed wetting. Now I watch my kids how they behave, what they do and what they are craving for because if the get sick, I can give you details of my observations. It made me a better mom since I pay closer attention to my kids and I feel responsible for their well-being. I am not looking for a "quick fix", but instead prepared to treat the cause of the illness and not the affect of it!
I am proud to say, that my 4 - years old son never took antibiotic and you are the first person we call if anyone is sick! I can not thank you enough for your help, patience, knowledge, professionalism and dedication!
God bless you,